Debt Management In Manchester

A debt management plan is an informal arrangement between you and the companies you owe money to. Debt management plans are available throughout England and Wales, including Manchester. You have complete control over the plan and can cancel at any time.

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Benefits of a debt management plan

  • Stop demands from lenders once a plan is arranged.
  • Regain control of your finances – without a loan.
  • Replace multiple monthly payments with just one.
  • Reduce the monthly cost of repaying your debt.
  • Potentially freeze or reduce interest and charges.

How does a debt management plan work?

A look at debt management in Manchester

This arrangement is great for organising your debts so you can keep track of them, lumping them into one affordable monthly payment. We will negotiate with your lenders, so there is no more pressure on you and we even be able to get your interest and charges frozen.

We calculate your monthly payments by assessing your income and outgoings and how much you can afford to pay. What you owe or what your current payments are don’t come into the equation.

At MoneyPlus you are not tied into one amount for the entire term, so if your circumstances change we can reassess that accordingly. We are licensed to give debt help to people who are finding it difficult to manage their debts and are now in need of professional debt advice. That advice is always impartial and in your best interest.

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We are real people, just like you. And we care.

It’s important when dealing with debt that you receive help from the heart, that’s why we want to assure you that we really do care. After all, everyone gets into a bit of debt sometimes, not just you.

We can happily say that you will receive help from experienced staff who love their jobs, the majority of whom have been with us a long time. This is because our feel-good mantra stretches beyond the clients and to the staff as well.

DEMSA (Debt Managers Standard Association)

We are a member of DEMSA and subscribe to the DEMSA Code of Conduct. DEMSA is an organisation founded to monitor and maintain high standards in the Debt Management industry. All members of DEMSA are bound by the terms of the code of conduct established by DEMSA.

You’re probably wondering what DEMSA is supposed to mean to you, well, it is a code of conduct designed to deliver the best quality service imaginable, and MoneyPlus Group are founder members. We stick to this code of conduct like glue and are always seeking other ways to improve our service to benefit you.

This code also gets the stamp of approval from the Trading Standards Institute, so you can be sure the advice you are receiving is trusted and believed in on a much larger scale.

What do I do next?

Take the plunge and confront your debts. Our advisors are ready to help you take the necessary steps to becoming debt free and as a result, stress free!

For the price of just some of your time, we will rid you of all your debts nasty side effects.

So stand up to your debt and call us on 0800 988 2318Calls from a BT landline are free, however, calls from non-BT landlines may vary. Calls from a mobile will be charge, as such it may be cheaper to call us on 0161 837 4682

If it’s out of office hours, take the debt test and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

You can even give us a time to call, so you know it’s us and not a debt collector!

What kind of help can you actually give me?

It is important that you know the options available to you, and at MoneyPlus we will always find the best solution for your personal circumstance. So here are some of the choices you may encounter:

IVA (individual voluntary arrangement)

IVAs are an arrangement between you, your creditors and our in-house insolvency practitioners, MoneyPlus Group, for dealing with debts over £6,000.

In short, our insolvency practitioners will negotiate affordable monthly payments with your creditors and after the arrangement has ran its course (usually around 5 years); any remaining debts will be written off. Leaving you to enjoy your life.

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Which solution is best for me?

If you want advice that fits your personal circumstance, the best thing to do is ring us for a chat on 0800 988 2318Calls from a BT landline are free, however, calls from non-BT landlines may vary. Calls from a mobile will be charge, as such it may be cheaper to call us on 0161 837 4682.

If you’ve got time to spare why not try our online debt test? It’s easy to use and should give you an idea of what solutions are available to you. Click here to take the MoneyPlus debt test.

Still not sure?

You may find it helpful to hear from our client Margaret. She is currently going through a debt management plan and kindly invited us round for a chat about how she’s finding the whole experience. You can watch her video here –