If your creditors have trouble getting the money you owe them they may use a debt collection agency to chase the debt for them.

Debt collectors aren’t court officials and don’t have the same powers as bailiffs. They can’t enter your home or seize your possessions. They can only write, phone, or visit your home to talk to you about the debt and how to pay it back.

Debt collectors must follow the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) debt collection guidance.

Make sure you don’t simply ignore them, most debt collection agencies follow strict guidelines, and will try to help you wherever possible.

Debt Collection Agencies

Below is a selection of just some of the debt collection agencies that we deal with. If you are receiving letters or telephone calls from debt collection agencies then contact us now for help.

1st Credit Debt Collection Agency
1st Locate Debt Collection Agency
Aktiv Kapital
Albion Collections
Allied Internation Credit Ltd.
Apex Credit Management
ARC Europe Ltd.
Arden Credit Management
Blair, Oliver and Scott
BLS Collections
Buchanan, Clark and Wells
Cabot Financial
Call Serve Ltd.
Capital Credit Management
Capquest Debt Recovery
Central Debt Collection Services
CK Edrupt
Clarity Credit Management
CL Finance
Connaught Collections
Creation Financial Services
Credit Account Management
Credit Solutions Ltd.
Debt Managers Ltd.
Debt Managers Scotland
DG Solicitors
Direct Legal Collections
EOS Solutions
Eversheds LLP
Experto Credite
Fredrickson International
Global Debt Management Services
Greenhalgh Kerr
Halifax Bank of Scotland
HFC Bank Ltd.
Howard Cohen and Co.
Intrum Justitia
iQor Recovery Services
JB Debt Recovery
Lewis Group
Link Financial
Lloyds TSB Financial Management Unit
Lloyds TSB Bank
Lowell Financial Services
MacKenzie Hall
Marks and Spencer Money
Marlin Financial Services
Mercers Debt Collection
Metropolitan Collection Services
Midas Legal Services
Mint Credit Cards
Moorcroft Debt Recovery
Nationwide Debt Recovery
NatWest Bank
NatWest Card Centre
NCO Europe
red Castle Recoveries
Reliable Collections
RMA Resolve
Robinson Way and Co.
RBS Credit Card
Santander Cards
Sechiari Clark Mitchell
SRJ Debt Recovery
Tesco Bank
Triton Credit Services
Turnbull Rutherford
Welcome Financial Services
Wescot Credit Services