A debt arrangement scheme (DAS) is a debt management program, run by the Scottish government, which allows you to repay your debts over an extended period of time whilst providing you protection from their creditors.

Who is a debt arrangement scheme suitable for?

To be eligible for a DAS you must be struggling to make your monthly debt repayments and also meet the criteria below.

  • Live in Scotland.
  • Have sought debt advice from a DAS approved adviser.
  • Wish to repay your debts without the threat of creditors taking legal action.
  • Have some disposable income following deduction of normal household expenses.

You must not be involved in another formal insolvency procedure at the time of application, such as:

  • Protected trust deed.
  • Bankrupt or subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or a bankruptcy restriction undertaking.
  • Your Debt Arrangement Scheme application only includes one debt and you are subject to a time to pay direction under section 1 (time to pay directions) or section 5 (time to pay orders) of the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987.
  • The Debt Arrangement Scheme application only includes one debt and is subject to a time order under section 129 (time orders) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (d), in relation to that debt.
  • You are paying a debt(s) under a conjoined arrestment order. If a creditor (whether the creditor is involved in the conjoined arrestment order or not) has tried lawfully to enforce another debt that is owed, then you may be eligible to apply for DAS.

If you live in Scotland and would like more information on a debt arrangement scheme visit www.dasscotland.gov.uk

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If you live in scotland you can find out more about managing your debt by read the debt advice and information package created by Scotland’s Insolvency Service.