Thanks for agreeing to take the MoneyPlus Energy Survey. Before you get started, you’ll need to upload energy bills that show your usage over the last 12 months.

You can do this easily and quickly by taking pictures of your bills and using the upload button below or if you access your energy accounts online, you should be able to request recent statements from your energy suppliers which you’ll also be able to upload below.

TIP – You’ll only need to upload as many documents as it takes to show us your usage for the last 12 months. Eg. If you are only billed quarterly by one supplier, you’ll only need to upload 4 documents.

Upload your statements


Prefer to post?

If you would prefer to post copies, you can send bills that show your energy usage for the last 12 months to the below address.

MoneyPlus Group
New Bailey Street
M3 5FS

Click to Get Started but remember we’ll need these documents before we can send your vouchers!