As part of our ongoing commitment to help our customers and provide the best advice, MoneyPlus Group is pleased to announce its acquisition of Richardson Mail Solicitors. Through this separate legal entity which is branded MPG Legal, we now have the ability to advise customers on a whole range of legal services. So if you would like to speak to our dedicated legal team call 0161 837 4749.

Matrimonial / family law

We deal with all aspects of family law, from getting married and buying your first home together, to child maintenance and divorce, we can provide you with expert advice. Some common family law cases we deal with include:

  • Divorce.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • Cohabitation agreements.
  • Child maintenance.
Employment law

Employment law is a growing field that covers work-based subjects such as unfair/constructive/wrongful dismissal, workplace discrimination, contract disputes and more. Some common cases we deal with include:

  • Unfair dismissal.
  • Constructive dismissal.
  • Wrongful dismissal.
  • Sexual discrimination.
  • Racial discrimination.
Personal injury law

Our personal injury team deal with all types of incidents. With accidents and injuries in the workplace and public spaces, as well as road traffic accidents, being amongst the most common. If you have suffered from an incident or accident, and it wasn’t your fault, then our advisers can help. Some common cases we deal with include:

  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Accidents & injuries in the workplace.
  • Lifting injuries.
  • Slips or trips.
  • Defective work equipment.

Death is unfortunately one of life’s unavoidable expectations and of course renders any one of us in a state of shock and sadness when we lose someone close. At a time when we are at our most vulnerable a sea of legalities can surge forward threatening to leave us totally overwhelmed. We will explain to you what needs to be done and then do it for you. We will tell you what the charges against the estate will be at the very start.

  • Arranging and paying for a funeral.
  • Tax matters.
  • Distributing the estate.

Please note that services offered by MPG Legal are governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) affording you certain regulatory protections such as the requirement to carry professional indemnity insurance. These protections do not extend to services provided by MoneyPlus Group, which are entirely separate from those offered by MPG Legal as MoneyPlus Group is separately regulated.