Over the years MoneyPlus has helped 1,000’s of customers manage their debt, with many of them going on to became completely debt free.

Here you can watch just a few of our many happy customers talking through their stories.

Magaret’s Story

Margaret Smith from Wakefield was afraid to answer her phone or open a letter so she took the step to contact MoneyPlus Group. After a full assessment from a qualified adviser she was able to join MoneyPlus Group on a debt management plan and start repaying her debts at a rate that she could afford.

Michael’s Story

Watch Michael from Nottinghamshire speak about his personal experiences and his time as a MoneyPlus Group customer.

Michael got into debt by simply taking out a £50.00 loan which mounted up to several creditors, more monthly repayments than he could afford and a situation that was spiraling out of control.

Whilst looking for a consolidation loan he found MoneyPlus Group and after 5 years and a total monthly saving of £90.27 he is now debt free and looking forward to a brighter future.

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