If you accept our advice to enter into a debt management plan (DMP) then our fees will be based around your disposable income. This is the figure that we agree that you can afford to pay to your unsecured creditors on a monthly basis.

As there is a lot of work involved in setting up your DMP, we will charge you a fee for this work. This fee will be capped at twice your monthly disposable income. For example if your disposable income is £180 we will charge you £360. However, from month 1 of your plan we will spread the costs of this charge across the first six months of your DMP.

In addition we will charge you a monthly management fee. This is the fee that we charge you for managing your DMP. Again this fee will be linked to your disposable income.

At all times the fees we charge will be compliant with, and in the spirit of, the Financial Conduct Authority rules and guidance.